Old Lahaina Luau!


Of all the things we had planned for this trip, I was most excited about going to a luau. My mother-in-law did all kinds of research on which would be best, and ended up choosing Old Lahaina Luau. It was absolutely amazing! Like, top notch experience. Before we left the resort that evening, we saw our first Maui rainbow…realizing now that had to be a good sign. (Keep reading to see!)


Is that not amazing?! ANYWAY, Old Lahaina Luau is in such a gorgeous space – right on the water with views of the mountains (and rainbows!) behind. The sun was going down when we arrived and made for such a pretty setting. They had activities set up for kids and Adeline was absolutely loving playing with some classic instruments – it was so sweet to watch. My heart! Also, matching dresses. Again. ; ) I just can’t help it, at least on vacation.


Obviously, what’s a Hawaiian luau without a gorgeous sunset? Gosh I love you, Maui.


Before the sun set all the way, we managed to snap a family photo! Like most families, it’s never easy wrangling everyone up, but I think we managed to do a pretty good job. Although, Adeline wasn’t really feeling it at the time. ; )

IMG_9251FullSizeRender (14)IMG_9330

The show the dancers put on was great – so much talent and you could tell they’re so proud of where they come from. Beautiful scenery, deliiiiicious tropical drinks and yummy food, too. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Old Lahaina Luau!

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