Baby Can Travel…Guides!


Shortly before our trip to Europe, the folks at Baby Can Travel asked me if I’d be interested in one of their travel guides for review. Lucky for me, they have guides on both London and Paris – perfect! Let me start by saying I was pretty excited when I first discovered Baby Can Travel. I was searching high and low for tips on traveling with a baby and found a couple of their blog posts, as well as their Pinterest page, full of resources. Turns out they’re a couple who, like Steve and I, told themselves they wouldn’t stop traveling once they had a baby. So, hooray for traveling with babies!

Baby Can Travel has guides for a few different cities, each with tips and tricks on traveling with a baby, as well as info on the specific destination. My first thought when reading through the ones on London and Paris – Wow, these are thorough! Any question or concern you may have about traveling with a tot is covered in these guides. From pointers on what to pack, to dealing with jet lag, hotel vs. apartment stay, and of course, baby friendly attractions – it’s all there.

Because we’d already done a little traveling with Adeline before, and I had already done so much research and planning for this trip prior to reading these guides, we were pretty much already set. However, if you’re in the early planning stages of taking a big family trip, these guides could be a BIG help – especially if it’s your first time traveling with a baby. That being said, you can find their travel guides here. Thanks a bunch to Baby Can Travel!

Baby Can Travel…Guides!

One thought on “Baby Can Travel…Guides!

  1. Blushing from your kind words! Thank you again for taking the time to review our travel guides. We are happy that you think they will be useful for others travelling with their babies!

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