Time in the Tuileries


Our final day in Paris was a nice and calm one. Towards the end of our trip, I became increasingly more tired with each day. We had seen and done so much with our time in both cities! I knew that if I was feeling that way, Adeline must’ve been experiencing it about three times as much. She’s only one, after all!

For our last day, we decided to take it slow and steady. We went over to the Jardin des Tuileries, a public garden in the 1st arrondissement that’s located between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. I read that it was great for children and it did not disappoint! Side note: I gotta say, going to all these parks and playgrounds in both cities was so neat. I loved seeing local little ones and families in everyday scenarios, just doing their thing.

Since the Tuileries is right by the Louvre, we headed over there to snap a couple pics – you’ve gotta have some photos in front of the Louvre and its famous pyramid! OH, and Adeline snagged herself some new sunglasses from a vendor while we were there. ; )


These photos don’t really capture it, but the Louvre is so grand – just massive.


After we walked around for a bit, we stopped at the garden’s little cafe and got some food. This may sound crazy, but the tastiest things we ate in Paris were SANDWICHES. Ah! They’re so good because they make them on the freakin’ baguettes! I’m kicking myself right now for not snapping a pic. Anyway, we found a little bench and enjoyed views like this one…


The photo below immediately became one of my favorites. Loving photography as much as I do, I obviously have about a billion photos of Adeline. It’s so special, though, to have a handful of us together that I just love so much. God, I’m crazy for her. Definitely a framer. Good job, Daddy. ; )


^ Yes, those are totally awesome trampolines for kiddos to jump on in the Tuileries! Adeline loved watching the older kids jump around, and even laughed at them. She wants to join in on big kid fun so badly – it’s equal parts heartbreakingly sweet and completely adorable. The statue below – I just loved this whole scene – the way all the greenery frames it so well, it’s so whimsical (that’s such a great word).


After our trip to the Tuileries, we walked across the street to Angelina. This place is known for their hot chocolate – it’s incredibly thick and rich…and I had to try it. YES, it was 80-something degrees. I still had to have it. It was pretty amazing, but I think it would’ve tasted even better in chillier weather. Pictured below are some very big macarons at Angelina!


For our final evening in Paris, we walked over to Rue Cler one last time to get a crepe from our favorite place. There’s an older man who has his own little restaurant with a crepe stand out front, and his are the BEST. Banana-Nutella is our go to, and he packs them full! It was really neat to come back to Paris a third time and see that he was still there, that all was well. Comforting, I guess. Here’s a couple pretty evening shots of our beloved Rue Cler…


There is something so sad about saying goodbye to Paris…but I have a feeling we’ll be back. I’ve enjoyed sharing our first trip overseas as a family with you all. I’ve learned that blogging is quite a bit to keep up with! However, I enjoy having a space online where I can document our travels with both words and photos. So, all five of you, thanks for reading! ; ) Au revoir, Paris, and with so much love!


Time in the Tuileries

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