London & Paris with Baby, Oh My!


We’re officially taking our first trip overseas as a family of three. It’s now less than a month away! Our flights are booked, apartments reserved (woohoo, apartments this time!), and we’re doing all the research we can to ensure Adeline’s first flight goes as smoothly as possible. I’ve asked Steve more than once, Are we crazy for doing this? It does feel a bit crazy to me and I think to him, too. But we told ourselves that travel wouldn’t stop once we had a baby. We’ve been saving up our miles since before I was pregnant, and it’s time to use them! The skinny on our chosen destinations:

London: Our first trip overseas was to London, and we loved it! I remember the people being so friendly there, and it’s absolutely a baby and kid-friendly place. I cannot wait to take Adeline to Hyde Park and see her run (err, teeter?) around. We’ll be in London on a Saturday this time, so Steve and I are both looking forward to hitting up the famous Portobello Market in Notting Hill!

Paris: Because…PARIS, you guys. *heart eyes* Ohh, I am such the cliched sucker for this city. Give me the Eiffel Tower, adorable flower stands, banana-Nutella crepes, ALL of it. Seriously, I could go on…and on. This will actually be our third time in the City of Light, and I’m telling you, it just never gets old to us. Plus, Paris in the spring sounds like an absolute dream…“When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise.”¬†-Henry Miller

Europe is understandably on high alert after the terrible attacks in Brussels. These events are no doubt alarming to travelers, but we won’t let them hinder our plans. The way we see it, there’s probably no safer time to go than now.

While we’ve been lucky enough to visit London and Paris before, it’ll no doubt be a different experience this time around. I cannot wait to take in these places through Adeline’s eyes! I have a list about a mile long on my phone of things to do and see. ALSO…see above – baby’s first passport! Proud to say I took a pretty decent photo. ; )


London & Paris with Baby, Oh My!

Pretty Morning Light


I’m trying to use my “real” camera more these days. The iPhone, along with some great photography apps, just make it way too easy! I’m lucky to have pretty much the cutest subject for photos, ever. The light in Adeline’s room in the morning is won.der.ful. DREAMY. Consider me a gorgeous light fiend, addict, what have you. I took advantage of it today and snapped a few photos with my Nikon, while she flipped through some of her books.

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Pretty Morning Light